If there was an instrument in the world that could determine with certainty what kind of radiation is harmful to human health and which is not, it would be very unanimous to determine ifPositron plus" neutralizes harmful radiation or not. There is only one instrument that can detect only the presence of GEOPATOGENE radiation (groundwater flows, Hartman's network and Curry's network) This is the "GENIUS RADIATION METER". Measurement

this instrument would show very clearly whether there are any harmful radiation pathogens and how these radiation is neutralized by the use of "positron plus", of course, only in its radius of action. This instrument can only detect pathogenic radiation but also non-harmful radiation emitted by various electrical and electronic devices (cell phones, cell phones, antennas ...)

However, this would be enough to prove the effectiveness of "positron plus".


Therefore, there is no way to prove the effectiveness of "positron" when it comes to others

types of harmful radiation by any instrument we have to look for for this purpose are evidence in an indirect way, meaning to examine all the available medical devices that the human body and all its organs behave when they are exposed to the effects of harmful radiation and how they are protected by "positron plus" .

This is exactly what we have achieved by this method, for now. Five ways:

1. By testing "Positron Plus" at the "BIOEN BIOENERGY INSTITUTE OF BIONICLE BION" in Ljubljana, where all vital organs of the human body were tested with median instruments that were exposed to various known types of harmful radiation before and after the application of the "positone plus" and on the basis of which has been awarded a certificate of efficacy of "positron plus"

2. By testing "positron plus" with the PIP camera of the English expert Harry Oltfield, who was scanned by the respondent under the influence of cellular radiation and the same respondent who was protected by the miniature "posterior plus", where the energy picture and difference before and after the use of " positive plus

The results of this experiment are available at www.pozitron

3. By applying "BODDY ENERGY TEST", actually an acupuncture diagnostic instrument

The nostalgic German scientist DR Reinhard Volla can point out the energy capacity of some vital organs in the body. Exposure to the body of any kind of harmful radiation will be reflected on this instrument with significantly reduced capacity of individual organs, which have been previously measured. By applying the "positron plus" capacity of these organs, they will not only return to normal but their vital capacity will increase by 50 to 100%

Detailed on www.pozitron

4. A BIOMANNON BICOM 2000 (regumed) apparatus can be used to determine if it is

the human body is trapped in various types of harmful radiation and decontaminated by applying "positron plus", ie neutralizing the effect of harmful radiation!

5. By the DARKFIELD method of blood droplet analysis it is also possible to determine whether

is the human body contaminated with some kind of harmful radiation and whether it is decontaminated by applying "positron plus"


The action is based on INTERFERENCE, ie confrontation of two different frequencies

A- The one that emits radiation from a variety of sources that have a pathogenic effect on human health and

B- The one emitted by "POZITRON PLUS" in the radius it covers depending on the winning size and strength.

This interference achieves NEUTRALIZING the harmful consequences of frequency A.

Of course again only in the radius of action "POZITRONA PLUS"

Pozitron plus has been tested by all these methods and has proven its remarkable performance. Anyone wishing to convince the truth of this claim can also be convinced if using any of the above methods or instruments.


The latest evidence of the effective action of harmful radiation blockers on human health POZITRON PLUS was obtained thanks to Dr Reihard VOll's "BODDY ENERGY TEST", which allows acupuncture points on the left hand of man to determine the bioenergetic potential of various organs in the body.

Once a person has measured the current bioenergetic potential of some vital organs and records the obtained data, close to that POZITRON PLUS is placed and after 15 minutes re-measurement, an incredible result is obtained: ALL TESTED ORGANISTS INCREASED BY BIOENERGETIC POTENTIAL FROM 50 TO 100 %!

In addition to this evidence with the "BET" instrument, another, very significant proof can be obtained. The person we test is placed under the chin on the head of a cell phone or remote control to open the car doors (which is 5 times more harmful than the cell phone !!!)

After 10 to 15 minutes of measurement using the "BET" instrument, the results of the harmful effects of these devices on the nearby organs (nerve, heart, glands, lungs ...) will be overcome

Next to the body of the person we test, set POZITRON PLUS. For only 15 to 20 minutes, all of these organs in the body will function in optimal capacity.

Wov does it vork Dr Voll's instrument: see on internet

Einf├╝hrung in die EAV - Elektroakupunktur nach Dr. Voll - YouTube

Dr. Reinhard Voll | Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll


The POSITRON PLUS efficacy on humans has been scientifically tested at the BION Institute in Ljubljana - Institute for Bioethymagnetics and New BiologyFor the purpose of scientific demonstration of the efficacy of the product, many conventional, medical diagnostic methods have been used on a large number of subjects.

The same people were tested twice. At the first test they had POZITRON PLUS and were tested for the second time without the use of POZITRON PLUS.


With the CERTIFICATE OF PROTECTIVE IMPACT, we attach an insight and a comprehensive study, with a description of the tests, diagrams and results of the medical methods used.

This PROTECTIVE INVESTIGATION CERTIFICATE POSITION PLUS is trustworthy in medical and scientific circles as well, and in case of need, it has the power and the court to prove its effectiveness POSITRON PLUS


This study suggests that cellular radiation protection "Pozitron Plus - Mobile Phone", in terms of control over and after the phone, affects the human body in the direction of greater calmness. Various physiological parameters have been reported - Positron has reduced skin conductivity values, breathing frequency, temperature and heart rate control. With the use of Positron, the values of heart rate variability were increased with regard to control. The higher the value of this parameter indicates that the body is able to adapt to unexpected changes. All this shows lower caution on the body by using Positron Plus - cell phones caused by the use of mobile phones