Harry Oldfield is a British scientist and inventor, who during the last 25 years has been perfecting his system of diagnostics and disease treatment. At the end of the 1980s he has invented a camera abbreviated PIP (Eng. Polycontrast Interference Photography), which registers the patterns of photon interference, that is, how the ambient light affects the subtle energy fields. With the help of Oldfield cameras it's possible to register the color of the energy field of man, and in that way to diagnose the variety of physical, mental (psychological) and energy disorders. It shows health changes by recording images "before" and "after" with the specific treatment product, drug or bio-energy treatment of professionals.

The PIP CAMERA today is a perfected, highly sophisticated patented software, which by the reflection of light creates our energy footprint. The camera shoots the person standing in front of a white cloth or wall, and on the computer screen one can parallel see the reflection of the energy field in their different colors.

The PIP system is an optical digital process by which the interference of light on the man and about him is recorded, in other words in his energy field. The photons reflected on the person you we are looking at, pass twice through its energy field - once at the entrance of the energy field, and once on the way out of the energy field. These interference samples of photon are detected and interpreted by the PIP software.

The energy field in every person is of different shape. It depends on the health of the person that is being recorded. If this man is sick or has a psychological problem, this is immedaitely noticed and seen on the energy meridians of the body, which are mutually connected.

At the end of 2013, we sent our POZITRON PLUS to our partners in London, who agreed to test the product in England. To our great satisfaction, the testing has been done by Mr. Oldfield himself, in his London's laboratory.

The testing has lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes on several products. One part of the wall was a white billboard, in front of which people stood (one male and one female), which alternated back and forth. Once videotaped with POZITRON PLUS, the second time without POZITRON. Mr.Oldfield was holding the camera that showed the video on the big screen, and every now and then made a photo.

Mr.Oldfield was visibly impressed by the protective effect of POZITRON PLUS! Several times during the shooting he asked - "Where did you get this product? Who has produced it? Well done! This is amazing! The speed of action is exceptional!"

Mr. Oldfield 's concluison was - This is a great product! The test results are impressive! Here you have a product with the highest rate of positive protective effect on human health, that I have ever seen!

Attached are some shots from the lab of Mr. Harry Oldfield, who has very clearly shown how efficient of a product POZITRON PLUS is!

The recording of the PIP camera has been made after 10 seconds of mobile phone use (connecting to a repeater), WITHOUT PLACING THE PROTECTION INTO THE MOBILE PHONE! The PIP camera showed harmful effects (RED / PINKISH color) in the area around the ear, head and neck of the person videotaped.

The recording of the PIP camera made after 10 seconds of mobile phone use (connecting to a repeater), WITH A BUILT IN PROTECTION IN THE MOBILE PHONE! The PIP camera shows ABSENCE of harmful effects (BLUE color) around the ear, neck and head of a male person.

PIP camera footage made at the time, when the person is talking on the phone (WITHOUT PROTECTION). The footage of the phone is red, the enhanced red color on the hand is a sign of harmful effect.

PIP camera footage made at the time, when a person is talking on the phone (WITH THE BUILT IN PROTECTION). On the hand and on the mobile phone the red color has faded, and the blue has appeared, which is the neutralization of harmful effect – RIGHT, AWAY IN JUST 3-4 SECONDS!!!

The PIP camera is showing a red – pinkish color in the lower part of the skull and the upper back. The person in the image confirmed that they had frequent problems with headaches and pain syndromes of the cervical spine, with tension in the upper back.

The person in the photograph is holding a POZITRON PLUS – MOBILE PHONE in the hand, next to the head, and THE PROBLEMATIC AREA IS TURNING BLUE.

The footage of the PIP camera shows the back of a female person. The red color signifies a very slow energy flow and some potential problems with the kidneys and some back pain syndrome.

The recording with the PIP camera shows the back of the same female person. The woman is holding in front of her a POZITRON PLUS - PERSONAL WITH A WORKING RADIUS OF 3 METERS. Only after a few seconds, the red color is fading away, and the blue color is appearing! The blue color shows a very significant improvement of energy flow.