In the last two years, we also have amazing results in the animal world, which of all the evidence, certificates and acknowledgments are in fact THE BEST RUNNING EVIDENCE OF THE POSSIBILITY OF POSITRON PLUS!

Positron plus, we have placed it in several large pig farms, where owners have the task of tracking the behavior of animals! The result after 3 months was as follows: Pigs became noticeably quieter after setting POSITRON. They spent a lot of time sleeping. They no longer grunt their tails to one another, drastically reducing their aggression! Pigs IN THE IMPACT OF POSITRON almost did not have the spring, and did not suffer from common illnesses! The little puddings that were blowing at that time, have progressed visibly faster than usual. After two and a half months they were 30% more difficult than the other group, which was not affected by the POSITRON!

We have also done the POKUS WITH PECELAMA! When we set the POSITRON IN A LOT OF GREAT PECELINAKS, the first thing we could see at the moment was a drastic reduction in the bee's upsurge and the establishment of noticeable peace and harmony of bee-keeping communities! The burly buzzing in the vehicle on the inside of the bee has become a bit quieter! The bees were soaked in 10 minutes under the influence of POSITRON, and the owners of beekeepers showed a sense of disbelief! When we removed the 30 METER POINTS FROM THE OBJECT WITH SKIN, in a few minutes again, the sound of the buzz sounds again and the bees become nervous! Mainly! Throughout the time, in the Defended Spit, the bees showed a remarkably reduced aggression, they behaved calmly, as though they were pitiful, which the owners never saw before!

Likewise, POZITRON PLUS has been set up in several CRAFTS! Immediately after their erection and the cows became much more relaxed, they were easier to breastfeed, they were over longer, they felt the impression they were happier. No cows under the influence of POSITRON have developed mastitis in three months - that is, inflammation of the throat. And the most interesting thing, after 7 days, every cow has begun to give about one gallon of milk more to breastfeeding than it has done so far! At the same time, four cows took to the stables! All four wagons on owners' claims went a lot faster, and up to a 250 kg sales weight rose three weeks earlier than usual! And all these are EXCELLENT INDICATORS, as POZITRON PLUS has a positive impact on the SMOKING OF VEGETABLE LIVING SYSTEM of all living beings! That is why we have a stronger immunity in calmness, we are more resistant to the development of various mental and physical illnesses, and as healthy persons we have far better quality of life! In all four small booths where POZITRON PLUS was placed at various locations, there was another VERY INTERESANT FENOMEN!

In all the stands there were from 5 to 8 LADTAVIČIJE NOBJE, which ever since they remember, did not happen to any of the owners of the stables! Stables owners say they always had one or two nests commonly, and they have never experienced it before! All this is in support of the fact that LASTAVICA is intuitively looking for a POSITIVE AND GOOD PLACE in which it feels safe and comfortable! THE POSITIVE ENERGY SURFACE created by POZITRON PLUS in the area where it is set, the PLAYERS ARE SOUNDED and intuitively settled in order to raise their offspring in such a positive atmosphere!

These are ALL VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS OF EXCELLENT EFFICIENCY OF PRODUCTS, coming from the animal world! Animals can not pay to behave as they like, AND THERE WAS RESULTING OUR KRUNSKI DOCUMENT OF EXCELLENT ACTIVITY POSITRON PLUS! We also own a large number of extremely credible



Superior protection

Superior comfort

Superior quality

Superior psychophysical endurance of the user

The adjec ti ve superior {uppermost, bett er than others, from the Latin word superior= higher), indicates that this helmet is superior, i.e. that its characteristics surpass those of other competitors. The superiority is r efl ected in terms of protection,comfort. quality and psychophysical enduranceof the user when the "POZITRON PLUS" chip is installed.

SB helmet is a superiorproduct in which we have implemented approximately 10 of our innovation,swhich is why the helmet is:

  • Resist ant to the pen etration of different types of bullets.
  • Resist ant t o the greatest trauma, which significantl y reduces the r isk of head injury :
  • Can be equipped with a variety of devices and equipment. which turns it into a multifunctional helmet without the need for additional drilling of the helmet shell. The installation of visor, prot ective gas mask, neck protection and other equipment (mini-camera, lights, night-vision goggles,thermal imaging camera, ear muffs, microphone, etc.) is carried out without special t ools and within a very short period of time.
  • It improvesthe psychophysical enduranceof a soldier- a policeman, or a person who wears the helmet. which is achieved by installing a special" POZITRON PLUS" chip. By its fr equencyspectrum emitted into space through the vegetativenervous system, that chip constantly stimulatesall internal organsto functionat their physiological frequency.This means that. when the flow of energy through the individual organs begins to decrease,POZITRON PLUS by its fr equency spectrum increasesthe flow of energy throughout the body. This is especially import ant in stressful and tense situ ations when the energy of the body is rapidly consumed.Installing the POZITRON PLUS chip protects the body of a soldier f rom a harmful elect romagnetic radiation that canbe produced by GPS, cellphones,walkie-talkies, wireless connections. batteries and various types of circuits. In a word. theuser is protected fr om the "accumulated electromagnetic smog" produced by modern technical aids and appliances which WECANNOTSEE. HEAR, OR FEEL.special "POZITRON PLUS" chip. By its frequency spectrum emitted into space through the vegetative nervous system, that chip constantly stimulates all internal organs to function at their physiological frequency. This means that. when the flow of energy through the individual organs begins to decrease, POZITRON PLUS by its frequency spectrum increases the flow of energy throughout the body. This is especially important in stressful and tense situations when the energy of the body is rapidly consumed. Installing the POZITRON PLUS chip protects the body of a soldier from a harmful electromagnetic radiation that can be produced by GPS, cell phones, walkie-talkies, wireless connections. batteries and various types of circuits. In a word. the user is protected from the "accumulated electromagnetic smog" produced by modern technical aids and appliances which WE CANNOT SEE. HEAR, OR FEEL ..

Due to all of the above-mentioned concept, Šestan-Busch is superlative and unique in the world.