I know! I'm sure I know HOW !

But I do not know WHY !



Aleksandar Sasha Zalepugin

Research of causes and effects of harmful radiations on human health and final resultes

During the research of causes and effects of harmful radiation on human health, quite unintentionall I„ strayed „ into area that is not charted in the 'geographical maps' of science. In this area , unknown to us ,exists forms of physical laws that science does not know or do not admitting.Has plenty of reports, research or observation about the harmful impact of radiation on human bodies or some of its part but on the species, harmful radiation, their origin, common characteristics, the power ... there is no common interpretation of attitudes nor on the manner of their elimination . I do not have answers to all these questions. Merely assumptions and guesswork. All I know is based on experience, chance and intuition. But what I can with certainty assert the is following :

Thanks to my natural ability that can detect the presence of harmful radiation in my body (RADIESTHESIA) intuition , twenty years experience and incredible coincidence, I managed to find a way to be harmful radiations, all kinds, can eliminate, I know! I'm sure I know HOW but I do not know WHY!

Below I will show you some of the experiences and results that I discover.

Since science does not burden either with any innstrument that can safely detect or establish which type of radiation are harmful (pathogenic) to human health and which are not, my finding was not possible or confirmed nor denied by any scientific method. So, in an effort to prove the effectiveness of its finding of neutralizing harmful radiation, I had to use the indirect way of proof, which I will demonstrate and prove in detail on these web sites.